TRADS works closely with leading architects, design consultants and project managers, together with clients to assist in defining their exact requirements.

    TRADS in association with our supply and service partners selects and designs solutions that not only meet the critical engineering criteria but also satisfy operational, aesthetic and ergonomic functionalities.


    Utilising systems and solutions that are modular by design and that allow for expansion, reconfiguration and customisation, facilitates a minimum of on-site installation time and coordination, reducing program disruption and cost while protecting the client�s investment.

    To guarantee the client cost-effective solutions and a wide range of product choices, TRADS operates on a project basis instead of a product basis through Project Management & Coordination, and Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning.


    TRADS provides operation and maintenance support services throughout the whole project process and after handover. TRADS in association and underwritten by its supply partners offers a full range of comprehensive preventative and emergency service and upgrade plans protecting and future-proofing the client�s investment.

    In association with our partners having a global presence and being world-class leaders in their fields, TRADS is able to offer highly skilled local and international installation and service engineers depending on the nature and requirements of the project in hand.



For the past two decades TRADS has focused on the design, provision and upkeep of flexible, scalable and sustainable bespoke products and services with an emphasis on mission critical infrastructure. Operating predominantly in the Financial Services, IT and Public Emergency Services sectors, TRADS offers solutions to mitigate risks in the provision and operation of core utilities and services essential to any business continuity planning. TRADS assists the client’s ability to avoid service interruption and the subsequent loss of productivity.

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