For the past two decades TRADS has focused on the design, provision and upkeep of flexible, scalable and sustainable bespoke products and services with an emphasis on mission critical infrastructure. Operating predominantly in the Financial Services, IT and Public Emergency Services sectors, TRADS offers solutions to mitigate risks in the provision and operation of core utilities and services essential to any business continuity planning. TRADS assists the client’s ability to avoid service interruption and the subsequent loss of productivity.


Founded in Singapore in 1995, TRADS has been providing bespoke power and technology services solutions to the Financial Services, Aviation, Information and Communications Technology, and Emergency Public Services sectors. In 2003, TRADS opened a branch office in Dubai, extending its service offerings beyond Southeast Asia to the Middle East and Africa region.

Boasting a client reference list of completed large and small projects for major end-user organisations and institutions, TRADS has built a reputation for successfully delivering and maintaining projects under the most demanding conditions.


TRADS acknowledges that no two customer requirements are the same. To fulfill the individual requirements of clients and to ensure the appropriate solutions, TRADS follows a three-step approach to all projects: Design, Implement, Operate.

TRADS maintains that any offered solution satisfies each of the above disciplines ensuring the best return on investment and ongoing operational cost together with satisfying the flexible, scalable and sustainable continuity criteria of any business.

Products & Services

Through experience TRADS has identified, and where possible, works exclusively with the best of breed suppliers and service providers for any project’s Design, Implement and Operate disciplines.

This ensures TRADS provides the latest and most innovative products and solutions manufactured and supported by the best in field. Essentially all products conform to the latest international and local certification and accreditation requirements.

TRADS’ criteria in selecting products and service providers:

  • Premium Quality
  • Conformance to local and international standards
  • Flexibility to meet future requirements
  • Ease of installation
  • Conceptually innovative design
  • Proven track record
  • Extensive post-sales/installation support network